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Duration: 36 months

Contract Type:
Small or medium-scale
focused research project

Project Funding:
5 million euro

Research area:
HEALTH.2013-0-1: Boosting the translation of health research projects results into innovative applications for health

About CareMore

In CareMore, novel CTC-based diagnostic tests will be developed and validated in the clinical setting

Today's treatment of metastatic breast cancer is guided by characterisation of the primary tumour, while 90% of deaths due to breast cancer occur as a consequence of metastases. Given important differences in molecular characteristics between metastases and primary tumour tissue, characterization of metastatic tumours instead of the primary tumour may provide better treatment guidance for patients with metastatic disease. Metastatic tumours are, however, difficult to access using currently available techniques. We propose to guide treatment decisions in women with metastatic breast cancer based on molecular characterization of circulating tumour cells, used as proxies for the metastatic tumour. Two unique methods will be combined, i.e. cell-based detection of genetic mutations and improved circulating tumour cell sampling and identification, provided by the participating SMEs. Together with leading academic scientists and an industrial partner, the consortium is ideally suited to establish the clinical utility of the proposed approach and to validate the methods in order to reach the final development stage before the product will be introduced to the market. The project outcome represents a tremendous opportunity for the SME partners in the project.

In CareMore, novel CTC-based diagnostic tests will be developed and validated in the clinical setting to set up the first clinically validated molecular diagnostic tests on CTCs to improve therapy choice in patients with metastatic breast cancer. We will focus on predictive markers for the most commonly applied targeted agents for metastatic breast cancer, i.e. trastuzumab and aromatase inhibitors.

CareMore is the acronym to the project´s full title “Cancer Responsiveness Monitoring based on Resistance mutations in CTCs”.