Project Acronym:

Project Reference:

Duration: 36 months

Contract Type:
Small or medium-scale
focused research project

Project Funding:
5 million euro

Research area:
HEALTH.2013-0-1: Boosting the translation of health research projects results into innovative applications for health

Work packages


WP1: Assay development using cell lines

Development and validation of project specific reagents for detection of PIK3CA mutations, pHER2 and ER-expression for use within in situ mutation detection and in situ protein expression assays.

WP2: Tool development

Development and validation of instruments and workflow for isolation, identification and characterization of CTCs.

WP3: Technical assay validation

Validate and set the specifications for the complete procedure, comprising reagents, devices and instrumentation developed in WP1 and WP2 that will be used in the clinical testing (WP4).

WP4: Clinical utility

The main objective is to provide solid evidence for the clinical utility of PIK3CA mutation and pHER2 characterisation of CTCs for patient stratification.

WP5: Analysis and interpretation

Development and validation of image analysis and scoring algorithms as well as statistical analysis.

WP6:  Management

Financial management, day-to-day follow-up and collective decision-making, reporting and dissemination as well as exploitation organization including IP-protection and strategy.

Structure of CareMore and the relation between the work packages (WP)